You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed
by many reliable witnesses.    Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people
who will be able to pass them on to others. 
                                                                                                      2 Timothy 2:2

LIVE the Great Commission

Matthew 28:18-19
Jesus came and told his disciples,
‘I have been given all authority
in heaven and on earth.
Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them
in the name of the Father
and Son and the Holy Spirit.’

LIVE the Great Commandments

Matthew 22:37-39
Jesus replied, ‘Love the Lord
your God with all your heart
and with al your soul
and with all your mind.
This is the first and greatest commandment.
And the second is like it:
‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

” A GREAT commitment to the GREAT Commission
and the
GREAT Commandments grows a GREAT church!”
Pastor Rick Warren, Saddleback Church


Loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength


Loving our neighbor as our self


Going to lost people and connecting the love of Christ to them in word and deed


Baptizing new believers into the family of God and helping them live out the “one another” commands


Teaching believers the joy of obeying all of Christ’s commands and growing in their relationship with Him

P. E. A. C. E.

PROMOTE reconciliation and PLANT purpose driven churches 
EQUIP servant leaders who model Christ’s leadership and priorities
ASSIST the poor through sustainable solutions they develop and lead
CARE for the sick through prayer, medical care and health training
EDUCATE all who are illiterate, empowering them to live better lives