Loving People in Jesus Name is Our Primary Aim!





Leaders Trained

New Fellowships Started

Illiterate Educated

Poor Assisted

Sick Cared For

One pastor in the slums of
sharing Jesus love in practical ways.

This is just one of a great many illustrations of how the Cambodian LGN is reaching people with the love of Jesus in the midst of Covid-19!

Earlier this year in India…

A Few Comments from Our Leaders

"Thank you KLGN for serving my nation and my people. Thank you God for blessing us with people who have a servant's heart and a great vision for the nation of Cambodia"
Tola Vong, One Hope Cambodia

"Because of the LGN, our congregation is now helping 8 widows on a  monthly basis. 5KG rice, 5 KG flour & 200 rupees."
Pastor John, India

"A pivot we made in a Covid year was to produce really high quality video lectures of our training. It has transformed how the LGN curriculum is delivered to our 1300+ leaders throughout India"
LGN Master Trainer

"The KLGN helped me gain experience in overseeing leaders God's way, caring for them and giving spiritual food."
Ps. Kong Yu, Pousdos Church, Chouk, Kompot, Cambodia

"The KLGN has helped guide me in raising up and choosing leaders according to their spiritual gifts, so I have people to help me in the work of God"
PS. Tinh Mith, Bethsaida Eternal Life Church, Prey Veng Province

"The KLGN has also helped our church planters be well trained and strong with good relation-ships among them. It has brought unity among the pastors regardless of denomination or which Bible translation they use."
Ps. Kong Yu, Pousdos Church, Chouk, Kompot, Cambodia

"52 kids jammed in a tractor bed for my birthday! Together we ate, celebrated and passed out 75 blankets to needy elderly people and widows."
Pastor Michael

"Nobody had ever shown me the way to make disciples. I was the only one doing everything. I'm so glad I learned a better way!"